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Vaastu literally means ‘ Science of Architecture’. This subject has been part of our culture for over 1000 yrs seen as a way of life in archaeological findings of world’s oldest civilisation. In today’s world it’s a subject which is viewed very sceptically and considered unrealistic.


Numerology is simple basic science of characteristics based on Numbers in Date of Birth.Here at Zolarm we believe that our reports create a change in perspective of personality to positive leading to growth and well being in life.


Dowsing is a method by which people use a special device called a divining rod to locate water, minerals, and other underground material. The divining rod consists of a long stick which is forked, and the person holding it grasps the forked ends lightly and the elongated end is pointed towards the ground.


These are the beautiful colourful treasures hidden deep inside our Earth which have been witness to total evolution on Earth. They are the tools to create positive processes in our life, protecting and helping us in our growth to a better future.


Astrology is a science of planets and its effects on our personalities. Zolarm team believes and works only towards giving best guidance to create a brighter future. Astro to us is mere guideline around which the life moves.

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Vastu Consultant Anureet Bahl's journey of learning began in ’94 and over the years she has trained herself in various subjects related to Occult sciences like Vaastu, Feng Shui, Numerology, Tarot, Reiki, Dowsing and Crystals leading to full knowledge of the Chakras.

In 2006 She finally decided to become a Professional Numero-Vastu Consultant. Since then numerous people have benefitted though her work of getting ‘PROSPERITY NOW’ in their lives in the true sense.

‘Zolarm By Anureet ‘ was created by her where individual consultation were given for different problems while a comprehensive solution by combining everything was also provided when required. ’Prosperity now’ is what she believes in getting for her clients.


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  • Rs 30 per sq ft
  • Excluding Remedies
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  • Rs 60 per sq ft
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  • Rs 20 per sq ft
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"I would like to thank Anureetji for her help in correcting the Vaastu and Feng Shui elements in our house. Her process was very detailed. She looked into every aspect of our problems and gave solutions with explanations. The solutions were very doable and nothing was drastic hence implementation was possible."

Soniya / Housewife

" She is a complete solution provider –from making suggestions to solving the issues, she even helped me shop and place the necessary products . She is a very understanding and positive person. I felt half my problems got sorted out just talking to her. "

Rachit / Marketing Consultant

" I even consulted her for numerology. She helped me discover my self. Her insights through numbers helped me understand my situation in a practical manner. My husband is also very happy with his numerological report. She is a genius. "

Shubham / Businessman


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